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We are excited to announce that OTP Bank Albania is now in the final stage of consolidation. This marks the pinnacle of our efforts to enhace our services and privide you with an even better banking experience in the branches, Online Banking and all other alternative channels.

You are at the Icon of everything we do

We understand that change might raise questions, and we are here to address them. Your trust and support have been invaluable, and we kindly require your coopreation in this journey with us.

Our dedication customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries you may have.

Please, don't hesitate to contact us!

Your safety is our priority! You have to be very careful with your online behavior, especially when it comes to your financial data.

Always keep in mind that we will NEVER ask your personal data: ID, bank information, or passwords through online channels or SMSs.

Stay vigilant, stay safe!

How it impacts you


Each of these categories contains all the detailed information you need to know.
This section is contantly updated in real time in order to keep you informed with all you need to know.

Accounts (IBAN)

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Online Banking

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You have been informed via SMS, through a link on the bank's official website, through a branch visit if you do so, via email if you have provided your email as a business, and by phone if you contact at the numbers 0800 48 48 / +355 68 (69) 40 12 121

SWIFT Code for the banking transfers starting from December 4th, 2022 will be PUPPALTR. This Swift Code will be the only one to be used. You can find this information on the official website of the bank (, in all branches of OTP Bank Albania, on the Online Banking platform, or by calling 0800 48 48 / +355 68 (69) 40 12 121.

IBAN has changed for some of the clients. You can be informed in all the branches of OTP Bank Albania, in Online Banking platform or by calling 0800 48 48 / +355 68 (69) 40 12 121.

You can find the account numbers by requesting a Bank Statement at a branch / through E-banking / or by contacting 0800 48 48 / +355 68 (69) 40 12 121. The bank has continuously informed all clients of any changes, but if you have not received any notification, please update your contact number at the nearest branch.


It is important to update your old account numbers with the new ones for:

  • Rental contracts where you receive rental income
  • Declared accounts in E-Commerce platforms from which you generate an income (i.e. sales in eBay/Amazone etc.)
  • Declared accounts in institutions/companies which you receive your salary from
  • Accounts registered in institutions/companies where you receive your salary, royalties or periodic payments
  • Accounts registered in Stock Exchange, Trade Finance offices (treasury bills, bonds etc.) must be updated.
  • Every other situation similar to the above, where you receive an income.


For all clients who are currently using this service through the Blue icon, you will need to reinstall the OTP Bank Albania application and receive new credentials (username and password). Clients that are using this service through the app with Green color, only need to update the application. A message will guide users to perform the update. This is the only action you need to take.

UserName can be obtained either at the branch or through email (if you have previously provided your email). The Password will be sent to you via SMS to your mobile number if it is correctly registered with the Bank.

You will be able to see the old transactions under the new accounts.

After December 1st, 2022, through the web you will be able to see only one button with “Online Banking” name on it. This is where you should click to go to the Online Banking page, and this is where you can write your new credentials ou have received. The way you can access this environment in the web page does not differ from how you have accessed so far. Through the mobile application, after the reinstall, you will have only one green icon with the name OTP Bank. The way to log into the application will be the same as you have done so far using your personal password.

You have to write the new SWIFT Code PUPPALTR instead of the old SWIFT CBAALTR.

You can change/update your number at OTP Bank Albania in any working day of the week.

You can do this any working day of the week.

YES! You can cash in every ATM of OTP Bank Albania, that offers this functionality.


All you payments will be fixed manually for a period of three months. In the meantime, you have to update your IBAN for the upcoming transfers.