OTP Bank

We are here… for the children in need!

As part of the initiatives for corporate social responsibility, OTP Bank Albania has contributed with the distribution of food aid to children with disabilities. On Friday, July 3rd, 2020, 100 food packages for 100 families (parents of children with different abilities) were distributed in the premises of the school ‘Avni Rustemi’.

This is a modest contribution from our bank, but very valuable in these difficult days, where many Albanian families are facing financial problems. It is not the first time that our bank helps families in need. Just a few months ago after the November 26 earthquake, the bank supported many homeless families.

The social responsibility of the banking industry is the active and voluntary contribution of any company, to improve the social, economic or environmental conditions, in order to build a better society. We are proud to have shown high solidarity and empathy for the Albanian society, feeling responsible for the community in which we operate.

The concept of social responsibility is almost new in the world of Albanian business, but we will always be active in this regard, not sparing physical and monetary commitment to help any category in need.