OTP Bank

“The Best Bank” in Albania

OTP Bank Albania, the best bank in Albania!

OTP Albania Bank has been selected as the “best bank” in Albania for 2020, by Euromoney’s Awards for Excellence!

Euromoney “Awards for Excellence” are known as the most coveted and reliable prices in the banking industry. For many years now, Euromoney has been regularly selecting the best performers among banks and other financial service providers, and ratings have become a trustworthy standard of excellence for the global financial community. The award we obtained is based on the performance of the bank compared to other banks in the country, for the period from January 1 to December 31, 2019.

“Albania’s leading banks once again turned in a respectable set of results last year but were unable to compete on either growth or profitability with a newcomer to the market. Following the completion of an eight-month project to align with its new parent group, OTP Albania’s management has also embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of the bank’s digital platforms as well as an upgrade of its core banking system. The bank’s new owners deserve credit for their commitment to revitalizing their new subsidiary and shaking up the Albanian banking market,” stated prestigious Euromoney in its official article.

OTP Bank Albania is, clearly, distinguished in the financial services industry in Albania through a high quality of service, unique customer experience and sound financial index. “This award comes as a clear proof of the positioning we have taken to increase efficiency and innovation in order to better serve our customers and provide them with an unforgettable experience. 2019 required a lot of work and sacrifice from all of us, but all of these accompanied and crowned with historic financial performance and major projects successfully completed for the entire bank. This award is, in fact, a dedication that goes to all of our loyal customers, staff, and every partner.” declared Chief Executive Officer Mr. Bledar Shella.

OTP Bank Albania’s strategy remains the same: increasing market share, expanding the branch network, increasing financial indicators and becoming the top bank in the market in terms of customer satisfaction. “Euromoney has depicted us as the best bank in Albania and we all, every day, must perform and feel inspired as the best bank. This award proves that our bank is moving in the right direction towards a secure future. We are a strong bank and we will continue to expand as OTP Bank Albania – stronger, better,” concludes Mr. Bledar Shella.