OTP Bank

Eralda Disha

Eralda Disha has studied Finance-Banking at the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana and graduated in 2010. Immediately after completing her studies, she joined Societe Generale Albania Bank as Administrative Assistant at the Department of the General Secretariat.

Additionally, during 2013-2015, she attended postgraduate studies, obtaining a Professional Master’s Degree in Finance. In 2014, Eralda Disha moved to the position of Compliance and AML Specialist in the Permanent Supervision Sector. This moment marked a turning point in her career path focusing on the areas of risk management.

In 2018, she was promoted as Head of Operational Risk Sector which she managed for a short period of nearly 2 years during which the Bank became part of the OTP Group. In September 2019, Eralda Disha returns to compliance risk management and AML as Head of this Sector, which she led for about three years.

Currently, Eralda Disha has been appointed Manager of Compliance and AML Department, which aims to protect the Bank’s activity and ensure sustainability in an increasingly challenging environment.