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Armand Duka

Mr. Armand Duka, Albanian citizen, holds a Degree in Economy from the University of Tirana (Albania), specialized as Economist in Industry in 1986. Mr. Duka has started his career as Economist at the Mall Park of Burrel in 1986 and in 1990-1991 at the Export Mall Park of Durrës.

Starting from 1993, Mr. Armand Duka is a private entrepreneur and shareholder in some well-known businesses in Albania, where he reconfirms his great management and decision-making skills. Mr. Armand Duka was elected President of the Albanian Football Association in 2002, a position he currently holds by being re-elected in 2006-2010-2014-2018.

During these years as the President of Albanian Football Association, Mr. Duka was also elected as: Member of the UEFA Federations Committee (2008-2012); Vice-Chairperson of the UEFA National Federations Committee (2006-2008); Deputy Chairman of the National Team Competitions Committee (2008-2013); Deputy Chairman of National Federations Committee (2013-2016); Vice-Chairman of HatTrick Committee (2016-today); Member of the FIFA Federations Committee (2008-2012) and Member of the Confederations Cup Organizing Committee (2012-2017).

Through the years, Mr. Armand Duka has been honored with several titles as: “Honorary Citizen” (1998) conferred from Municipality of Shijak and “City Honor” (2001), “Symbol of Durrës City” (2002) and “Dyrrah-3000” (2003) conferred from Municipality of Durrës City and “Durrësi” Association.

In 2010, President of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Bamir Topi decorated him with senior title “Naim Frashëri” of the First Class for his outstanding contribution in the management and development of the Albanian football. In 2019, Mr. Duka has received the title “Honorary Consul of Hungary” for the Republic of Albania. Since October 2019, Mr. Armand Duka is Member of the Board of Directors of OTP Bank Albania.