OTP Bank

Vision Package

Our Bank places great importance to the way it serves its customers as well as meet their needs when entering our branches. In order to find ourselves as close as possible to our customers and their needs, the bank has created a special package for all those clients who manage a small business. The purpose of creating this package is only one: The Bank can make the daily relationship with the clients as easy as possible. “Vision Package” is a group of products and services designed to meet the needs of “Very Small Business” customers.



  • Discount on prices of products included in the package;
  • Withdrawals and deposits without commission from the current account;
  • Usage of the business account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via debit card;
  • Withdrawal via debit card without commission at any ATM of OTP Bank;
  • Payment without commission at any POS within the country;
  • Possibility to use the account from all ATMs and POS not only in Albania but also abroad;
  • Online shopping via card using funds in the business account;
  • Real time information for any collection or withdrawal of funds from the business account, through the SMS Banking service;
  • Making payments of various utility bills, making payments of Taxes, Social Security, etc., through the Online Banking service.
  • Perform transfers inside and outside the country on behalf of the business without the need for the client to appear at the bank.

General Conditions

  • The package is offered indefinitely;
  • Package content:
  • -Current accounts;
  • -MasterCard Business Debit Card;
  • -SMS Banking;
  • -Online Banking;
  • A monthly fee is applied for this package, which is held from the account at the end of each month.