OTP Bank

Cash collateral

If you need a cash loan and want to secure it with a time deposit, which you keep in our Bank, we offer you a Deposit Loan as Collateral. The loan is valid for all residents and non-residents who have a deposit in the right amount in our Bank.


  • The client has the required money in the account
  • Does not lose interest on time deposit
  • Prompt approval procedure

To apply for a Credit Deposit Loan, the client only needs to submit:

  • Identification Documents (ID or Passport)

General conditions

  • Maximum amount: up to 95% of the Deposit used as Collateral.
  • Term: the maximum loan term will be on the same day as the deposit maturity.
  • Currency: ALL, EURO, USD.
  • Interest Rate: interest is variable and based on the Retail Credit Bulletin.
  • Repayment method: a payment (principal + interest) on the maturity date.
  • Early Payment: the bank accepts partial or total payments before the loan matures based on the applicable Terms and Conditions.
  • If the borrower and the time deposit holder are the same persons, no co-borrower is required.
  • If the deposit offered as collateral is co-owned, all persons must sign the loan agreement.
  • If the borrower is not the same as the deposit holder, then the holder of this deposit will be the guarantor of the loan and will sign the loan contract