OTP Bank

SMS Banking


Receive information automatically in real time regarding:

  • Account balance every day at a certain point.
  • Inflow / outflow of funds greater than a certain value.
  • Surplus greater / less than a certain value.
  • Receive account information at any time, regardless of the client’s location;
  • Speed ​​in obtaining information on the situation of transactions in the account;
  • Convenience: as it is not necessary for the client to appear at the Bank for receiving information, which is displayed on the mobile device clearly understandable according to the type of request that the client has made;
  • Confidentiality: the transferred information is carried out according to the rules of confidentiality that the bank has for its customers.
  • This service can be used by any customer who has an active account with OTP Bank Albania. This service is offered in a package or separately.