OTP Bank

Elastic deposit

Elastic Deposit is an agreement entered into between the bank and the client with an indefinite term. The client can deposit and withdraw money at any time respecting the minimum balance in the account.



  • Deposit and Withdrawal; the client is free to act at any time on his deposit.
  • Transfer of amounts from Elastic Deposit to time deposit without the presence of the client;
  • Transfer of amounts from Elastic Deposit to current account and vice versa;
  • Capitalization of the deposit interest itself;
  • The deposit is refundable upon customer request.

General conditions

  • Deposit is offered in LEK, EURO, USD, GBP, and CHF.
  • Maintenance commission: 200 ALL or 2 units in Foreign Currency on an annual basis.
  • The minimum opening amount is 10,000 ALL or 100 units in Foreign Currency.
  • Deposits of individual clients, traders and companies in OTP Bank are secured in the amount of 2,500,000 ALL (two million five hundred thousand) by the Deposit Insurance Agency.