OTP Bank

Horizon Deposit

Horizon Deposit is an agreement between the bank and the client for a certain amount, for a certain term (5 or 7 years), for a certain currency and with an interest rate (fixed or escalating) determined according to the working conditions in force at the moment of opening the deposit.



  • Interest 2.45% for 5-year deposit 3.2% for 7-year deposit;
  • This deposit is offered in ALL currency;
  • Minimum amount: 100,000 ALL;
  • Maximum amount: The client is free to deposit the amount he wants at the moment of opening the deposit;
  • Maturity: 5 and 7 years;
  • Interest earned is credited to your account each year;
  • This deposit offers the possibility of automatic renewal.
  • The bank offers you the opportunity to withdraw your funds at any time you want
  • You can close the deposit before maturity, but in this case you will not receive the interest accumulated during the current year and the interest of the previous year.
  • Deposits of individual clients, traders and companies in OTP Bank Albania are secured up to the amount of 2,500,000 ALL (two million five hundred thousand) by the Deposit Insurance Agency - http://asd.gov.al


  • Passport or Identity Card