OTP Bank

Current account


  • You can deposit money into your current account at any time and any amount.
  • You can withdraw money from the current account at any time and in figures according to the working conditions.
  • You can perform operations in any branch of OTP Bank Albania network.
  • You can withdraw cash at any ATM inside and outside the country.
  • You can make transfers inside and outside the country.
  • You can settle your obligations to third parties (State Institutions or your associates) inside the bank without commission!
  • Pay utility bills, water, electricity, etc.
  • Pay your landline or mobile phone bill.
  • Order Transfers or transfers to third parties on your behalf through your Current Account.
  • Accept payments from inside or outside the bank.
  • Credit your employment income through the Current Account at OTP Bank Albania and take advantage of the "Elite" package dedicated to payroll employees.
  • You can also take advantage of the virtual banking service.


  • A Passport / Identity Card and an official address document (OSHEE invoice, water, telephone, etc.) are sufficient.

Terms of the current account

  • Account beneficiaries can be Individuals or Businesses.
  • Account opening is without a commission.
  • Minimum initial balance in the account 1,000 ALL or 10 EUR / USD / CHF / GBP.