OTP Bank

Privacy policies

In the framework of using the official webpage www.otpbank.al, OTP Bank sh.a can collect directly (by filling in job application forms, access to online services, application for online complaints) or indirectly (IP address of your computer) personal data, which are registered in its systems or in the systems of the service providers authorized by the Bank. The data shall be completed on voluntary basis.

By completing the data and pressing the Next button, the data subjects shall give their consent for their further processing. OTP Bank sh.a shall ensure personal data subjects that their data shall be collected and processed only for purposes of carrying out the bank relation, taking all the physical, technical and operational measures for maintaining confidentiality and protecting them from loss, destruction, damage or unauthorized disclosure in compliance with the Law No. 9887, dated 10/03/2008, “On personal data protection” over the entire duration of the bank relation and afterwards.

In order to perform some services in its official webpage, the Bank may have to disclose the collected data to its partners. This shall only be done with the consent of the data subjects and the Bank shall ensure them that these data shall only be used for the purposes of performing the bank service. The Bank shall in any case ensure data subjects that the contractual framework with third parties is clear and foresees the conditions of safety and maintenance of confidentiality that are continuously improved.

Taking into consideration the structure of OTP Bank sh.a, and in order to optimize service quality, personal information can be disclosed to the parent company in Hungary with the consent of the subjects and by taking the necessary technical, operational and physical measures for these data to remain anonymous or, in case this is not possible, to maintain confidentiality in compliance with the Law No. 9887, dated 10/03/2008 “On personal data protection” and Instruction of the Banka of Albania No. 31, dated 8/5/2002 “On Bank secrecy”.

Personal data subjects shall be entitled to ask for access to their data and ask for these data to be rectified or updated in compliance with the requirements of Article 18 of the Law 9887, dated 10/3/2008 “On personal data protection”. The request can be sent to otp.info@otpbank.com

Data subjects shall be entitled to not accept to give consent for the collection and use of their voluntarily given data.

By acknowledging the content of this bulletin, data subjects have accepted the terms and conditions regarding the privacy policies of the Bank.