M Pay


Benefits from the MPAY service

  • Balance Control – Check the status of your bank account at any time, without the need of internet or a computer.

  • Invoice Payment – Pay utility bills from your mobile phone without any commission. Through MPAY you can pay fixed landline and mobile telephony bills (Vodafone & ALBtelecom). You can also pay the bills of your relatives along with your bills.

  • Electronic Recharge (TOP-UP) – Recharge your prepaid number or any other prepaid mobile number.

  • Digitalb card payment – You can purchase the packages provided by Digitalb without having to go at the company’s sales points.

  • SMS Alert – MPAY notifies you with an SMS for paying monthly bills.

Even more on MPAY

The MPAY service is the right solution for all of you who:
  • Do not have time to wait on long queues of companies that provide utility services such as water or telephone line services,

  • Do not have time for long queues on bank branches,

  • Want to have full control over the amounts you have to pay for each service,

  • Want to set priorities between payments to be performed,

  • Travel a lot and you risk falling behind schedule with your obligations.

How can you benefit from the MPAY service?

  • Product activation is easy and quick and can be done in every branch of OTP Bank,

  • The client can be provided with the service by simply opening a current account at OTP Bank,

  • The service life span is at the palm of your hand.