MasterCard Gold

MasterCard Gold

Benefits from the MasterCard Gold Card

  • Currency ALL

  • 0% commission for ATM withdrawals from OTP Bank

  • Payment in POS and Online, at home and abroad

  • 0% commission for withdrawals at ATMs and purchases in POS within the country

  • Maximum security through Chip & PIN technology

  • Checking the Current Account Balance at ATMs of OTP Bank and at ATM’s of other banks

More on the MasterCard Gold Card

  • Maximum monthly withdrawal amount on ATM set at 900,000 ALL, not more than 700,000 ALL / week and not more than 100,000 ALL / day as well as maximum number of daily withdrawals: 15

  • Maximum daily purchase order amount (POS) 400,000 ALL, maximum number of payments: no limit

  • Maximum daily limit of use of ATM card withdrawals, POS payment and Internet purchase: 500,000 ALL

The above limits are set in advance by the bank. At client’s request these limits can be changed and adapted to their needs.

  • Balance of current account balance at ATMs of OTP Bank and at ATMs of other banks.

  • Changing the PIN code at ATMs of OTP Bank and ATMs of other banks.

  • The client is able to unblock PIN off-line at ATMs of OTP Bank and at ATM’s of other banks.

  • Validity 3 years.

  • Auto renewal: Upon the expiration of the existing card, if the client does not appear at the Bank to fill up a non-renewal form, a new card is automatically generated

  • Deadline lockout: The client can close the card at any time by making a request to the branch.

  • Commissions applicable under current terms & conditions.


The use of cards is constantly increasing, so we should be vigilant in their use for online shopping.

For this, the Bank Societe Generale Albania has prepared a guide with the main points you should consider during online card purchases.

Click here to download the guideline.