Express Consumer Loan

Express Consumer Loan

This loan finances the following and more;

  • Electrical and electronic appliances;

  • Furniture for your home;

  • Air conditioning equipment;

  • Personal computer;

  • Financing your vacation;

  • Children’s studies, etc.

Benefits from Express Consumer Loan

  • Fast process;

  • Few documents required;

  • Collateral is not required;

  • Immediate funding;

  • More facilities if you have the salary at OTP Bank

More on Express Consumer Loan

  • Financing up to 2,000,000 ALL;

  • Repayment term of up to 7 years;

  • Unchanged monthly installments for the entire duration of the loan;

  • Fixed interest rates for fixed loan duration:

– Up to 1 year: Interest rate 3.0%

– From 1 to 2 years: Interest rate 6.5%

– From 2 to 3 years: Interest rate 7.5%

– From 3 to 5 years: Interest rate 8.5%

– From 5 to 7 years: Interest rate 9.0%

* The above interest rates apply to all customers with regular payment of salaries or rent. For all other clients with irregular income, it will be applied a 1.0% interest rate higher than the above rates.

  • This loan is only offered in the ALL currency

For more information please download here the standardized pre-contractual documentation for Express Consumer Loan.

How To Get Express Consumer Loan

To apply, you can submit through your Personal Banker the following documents:
  • Statement of income;

  • Identity Card or Passport, and Family Certificate;