OTP Bank


MoneyGram is a Texas based company in the United States and branches in more than 200 other countries in the world. It offers money transfer services across its international network. MoneyGram is one of the safest and fastest ways to send and receive money all over the place where this company is present.


  • Incoming and Outgoing Transfers across the World where MoneyGram has a representation

  • Within 24 hours transfers

  • Very simple process

How to use MoneyGram service to send money

  • Visit one of OTP Bank Albania branches.

  • Submit your passport or ID card and fill out the form.

  • Submit the completed form and the money to the employee of OTP Bank Albania. You will be handed a money order mandate and a Reference Number

How to use MoneyGram service to receive money

  • Inform the cash receiver about the exact amount and Reference Number through which the money will be withdrawn.

  • Money sender will notify you about the amount of money you will receive and the Reference Number.

  • Use the form of money waiting and along with your ID present yourself to employees of a branch of OTP Bank.

  • The employee of OTP Bank will decide on the information provided by you in the system to verify whether the money has come or not before you withdraw the amount.

  • Submit a Passport or Identity Card

*Click here to view the Moneygram price list.