OTP Bank

Mortage Loan

Whomever you are with, wherever you go, you will always want to come back home...
If you take the mortgage loan from OTP Bank Albania, starting from 1.9% fixed interest rate for the first year, the house you desire can be yours.

Who can get the loan

Mortgage loan is valid for all residents in Albania, permanent or temporary employees in companies, sailors, entrepreneurs (who have been operating for at least one year) as well as for customers with other verifiable income.

Benefits and conditions

  • 1.9% fixed interest rate for the first year in Euro
  • 2.9% fixed interest rate for the first year in ALL
  • Financing up to 90%
  • Maximum amount 300,000 Euro
  • Duration 30 years


Credit Security

  • Real estate mortgage with coverage of 125% of the loan value.
  • Deposit with coverage of 110% of the loan value.
  • Co-borrower required.
  • Life insurance to the extent of 100% of the loan and property insurance to the extent of 110% of the loan.



  • Proof of income (from salary, rent, or both);
  • Identification documents (ID or Passport);
  • Collateral documents;

*The bank reserves the right to request additional documents if it is necessary.

Here you can download the pre-contractual information for the home purchase and construction loan.