OTP Bank

Escalade Deposit

Escalated Deposit is an agreement between the bank and the client for a period of 1 year. The expiration of this agreement coincides with the maturity date of this deposit. The client is not entitled to make partial withdrawals from the deposit during the contract period


  • Investment in ALL, EUR and USD
  • Duration 12 months
  • Growing interest from month to month
  • Reaches the maximum value in the last month
  • Earn interest even if you close the deposit for the full month

Documentation required

  • Passport or Identity Card

General conditions

  • Minimum Amount: 50,000 ALL, 500 Euro, 500 USD
  • Maximum Amount: The Client is free to deposit the amount he wants at the moment of opening the deposit
  • Maturity: This deposit is offered only for a period of 12 months
  • Interest earned is credited to your account only at the end of the term or in case of early termination at the time of termination but only interest earned for the full months.

Deposits of individual clients in OTP Bank Albania are secured up to the amount of 2,500,000 ALL (two million five hundred thousand) by the Deposit Insurance Agency – http://asd.gov.al.