OTP Bank

18 month Deposit

This deposit is a term deposit offered to all new or existing individual customers of the bank. The interests of this deposit are credited to the current account every 6 months and you have the right to withdraw them.


  • Earn a regular income every 6 months
  • This deposit is opened in three currencies: EUR/USD
  • Competitive interest rate up to 2.50% in Euro and 1.20% in USD
  • Possibility of accessing funds before the maturity date
  • Closing the deposit before the maturity date at any time


  • The minimum required amount is: 500 EUR/ 500 USD
  • No maximum amount applies
  • No additional deposits can be made on top of the initial invested capital
  • An identity card or passport is required to open the deposit

Here you can download the Bulletin of Interest Rates of Deposits for Individuals according to the current Terms & Conditions.