OTP Bank

Rising Star Deposit

OTP Bank Albania created the Rising Star deposit for children and demonstrated that it cares for its youngest customers. The Rising Star deposit is a savings account opened by parents to ensure a better future for their children. Parents pay regular monthly amounts to the savings account and the minimum deposit is not set. This product is valuable for parents of the young population who want to save for the future of their children.



  • This deposit is offered in ALL and Euro
  • Interest 1.76% in ALL and Euribor 12M + 0.5%, min 0.15%.
  • Minimum amount: 5,000 ALL / 50 EUR.
  • Maximum amount: There is no limit to the maximum amount for product opening
  • Maturity: The maximum term of a child deposit is until its holder reaches 18 years of age
  • Deposits: Deposits are allowed at any time
  • Interest credit crediting period on the account: Once a year, at the end of the calendar year.


For the child:

  • Identification document
  • Passport
  • Personal certificate of the child
  • Birth certificate (when the deposit is opened for a newborn).

For parents:

  • Identification document
  • Passport
  • Identity card
  • Family certificate of the last month

For the legal representative

  • Identification document
  • Passport
  • Identity card
  • Certificate from the District Court for obtaining custody of the child.

General conditions

  • Partial withdrawals of funds will not be allowed
  • For premature closures a penalty is applied for 3 years of interest
  • In case the amount deposited is withdrawn within 30 days before the maturity date, then the deposit will be closed and the client benefits interest for the entire full period of the deposit amount;
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