OTP Bank

Rising Star Deposit

The Rising Star deposit is the most valuable gift that can be given to any child!
A minimum initial amount of 5000 Lek or 50 EUR depending on the currency is required to open the deposit, hence building the first foundations of your children's security.
You can deposit the desired amount of money at the frequency you want or set up regular monthly payments that are debited directly from your account.
The offered interests are among the most competitive in the market.

This June we also have a bonus for your child!

For every account opened from 1st of June until the 30th, we are giving 1000 Lek or 10 EUR Gift.

The beneficiaries of the Rising Star deposit
This deposit is of great worth for parents that wants to save for their children's future.



  • Earn a bonus of 1000 Lek or 10 EUR if you open a deposit until June 30th
  • Interest rate in LEK: 6M Treasury Bond with 3.257% interest
  • Interest rate in EUR: Euribor 12m +0.5% (MIN 0.15%) with interest 4.122%
  • Minimum amount: 5,000 LEK/ 50 EUR
  • Maximum amount: There is no limit on the maximum amount for opening the deposit
  • This deposit is offered in two currencies: Lek and Euro
  • Maturity: The maximum term of the deposit is until the holder turns 18 years old
  • Deposits: Deposits at the account are allowed at any time
  • Interest crediting period on the account: Once a year, at the end of the calendar year

Required Documents

For the child:

  • Identification document
  • Passport
  • The child's personal certificate
  • Birth certificate (when the deposit is opened for a newborn)

For parents:

  • Identification document
  • Passport
  • Identity card
  • Last month's family certificate

For the legal representative:

  • Identification document
  • Passport
  • Identity card
  • Verification from the District Court for taking custody of the child.

More on Rising Star deposit

  • Partial withdrawals of funds are not allowed;
  • On premature closing of the deposit, the interest of 3 years is lost;
  • Identity card