OTP Bank

Business Card

Business Card Benefits

  • Access (you and / or your staff) funds into your business account at any time
  • Withdraw CASH from your account at all ATMs around the world
  • Pay and buy on behalf of your business at all POS points of sale in the world
  • Shopping online for your business account
  • Account balance information at all OTP Bank ATMs
  • Possibility of ATM withdrawals inside and outside Albania:
    • Withdrawal limit - 150,000 ALL / day
    • Number of payments - unlimited
  • Payment at POS inside and outside Albania:
    • Payment limit - 450,000 ALL / day
    • Number of payments - unlimited
  • Contactless service: by approaching the card over the POS terminal, you can pay for any product / service you want.

General conditions

  • The card is valid for a period of 5 years and is automatically renewed.
  • Possibility of equipment with some cards connected to your business account, which can be used by all your staff who have rights in the business account.
  • The limits and usage rights for each card are determined by you.

Online Security

  • The use of cards is constantly increasing, so we must be vigilant in using them for online shopping.
  • For this OTP Bank has prepared a guide with the main points that you should keep in mind when making card purchases online.
  • You can find the guide by clicking here.

3D Secure service

Here you can read more about the 3D Secure service that will serve you for online purchases.