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Visa Credit Card

Visa Credit Card is a card that can be used to pay for products and services as well as to withdraw money inside and outside the country up to the allowed limit, against the monthly minimum.

Target clients

Visa is a place for all people receiving a pension or salary in Albania.

To meet the latest needs, OTP Bank Albania allows to apply for this card even those who are not regular customers of the Bank, as well as persons who have a contract with the term that are able to provide collateral.

You can all do if you are not employed, apply can be a single person as collateral.

Benefits of the Visa Credit Card

  • Choice of currency (Lek / Euro)
  • Use inside and outside the country
  • 15 - 45 days of forgiveness period for commissions for delays in debt settlement
  • 0% commission for purchases at POS and Internet
  • Maximum security thanks to Chip & PIN technology
  • Online verification of your Credit Card balance



  • Identity Card or Passport
  • Income account movements for at least the last 12 months
  • Page confirmation (optional)


More benefits of the Visa Credit Card

  • Make payments anywhere in the world, in any POS unit bearing the VISA logo
  • Minimum payment only 5% of the amount used
  • Enough card limit to cover expenses according to your needs;
  • Highly competitive interest and commissions;
  • Numerous options to repay the obligation: Cash, bank transfers or Online Banking service;
  • Cash withdrawal at any ATM of OTP Bank and ATMs of other banks bearing the VISA logo, inside and outside the country 24/7;
  • SMS notification on the first day of each month on the details of the invoice, for the unpaid amount as well as for the mandatory minimum amount;
  • Contactless service: by approaching the card over the POS terminal, you can pay for any product / service you want.
  • Simple and fast application;


Online Security

  • The use of cards is constantly increasing, so we need to be vigilant in using them for online shopping.
  • For this reason, OTP Bank Albania has prepared a guide with the main points that you should keep in mind when making card purchases online.
  • You can find the guide by clicking here.

3D Secure service

Here you can read more about the 3D Secure service that will serve you for online purchases.

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