OTP Bank

PIN over SMS

Instructions for receiving the PIN code by SMS

Caution: Keep and save this instruction as well as the paper where the card is placed until the end of the device process with the corresponding PIN code.

Security elements:

  • ID in the envelope: unique identification value, which you find printed on the paper where the card is placed;

CUSTOMER lD 301423491

  • Personal Number which you find in your identification document (ID/Passport).


  1. After you have received the Welcome SMS from the bank for the Card PIN via SMS service, you can start your request on the dedicated phone number: +355692815960.
  2. Your request must be in the format: ID in an envelope & personal number, placed together without spaces or symbols.

Example: 12345678J55811039M

     3. In the event that these two data are sent correctly and from the phone number registered in OTP Bank Albania at the time of applying for the card, an SMS with the PIN code will be sent to            your phone.


  • You must have phone credit or an activated package to send SMS. You have 30 days to start the request to receive the PIN code by SMS! If you do not send the request within this period, the PIN code will be printed on the paper and you must appear at the bank a few days later to be provided with the PIN of your card.
  • You have a maximum of 3 attempts allowed to receive the PIN code by SMS. You must send the PIN request only from the phone number you have registered in the bank’s system.
  • If the security elements are set incorrectly 3 times or the SMS is sent from a different phone number than the number registered in the bank’s system, you will not be able to receive the PIN code by SMS, but you must appear in one of the bank’s branches.

For more information, please contact the 24/7 Quality Service Center at 0800 48 48,

+355 68 (69) 4012121 or visit one of our branches.