OTP Bank

Payment Account with Basic Services

What is a Payment Account with Basic Services?

Based on Law no. 100/2023, “On the Payment Account with Basic Services”, is guaranteed the right to access a payment account with basic services for individuals resident in Albania, as a necessary tool to access basic banking services, which can be used for personal purposes.

The payment account with basic services is offered to consumers, irrespective of their level of income, employment status and credit history within the territory of the Republic of Albania.


How can you open a Payments Account with Basic Services?

In every branch of OTP Bank Albania with a valid identification document (ID or passport).


The Payment Account with Basic Services offers:

  • Payment Account – only in ALL currency
  • Cash Deposit and Withdrawal at ATMs and OTP Bank Branches
  • The account will be linked to a Debit Card
  • Bill Payment at the cash desk or from the account
  • Debit Card transactions on POS & Online
  • Credit transfers inside and outside the bank in ALL currency.
  • Direct debits
  • Standing orders
  • Banking transactions in online channels


The general conditions for customers with Payment Accounts with Basic Services are:

  • To apply for this account, customer must not have any other payment account with basic services in other banks;
  • The bank will apply standard fees for all services that are not provided for in Law 100/2023 on Payment Accounts with Basic Services;
  • Payment Account with Basic Services is not available in foreign currency;
  • The Payment Account with Basic Services is not linked to any credit product, OVD, Credit Card and Credit;
  • If the customer has an existing standard current account, he will close this account to open a payment account with basic services, with his request.


The bank reserves the right to close the customer’s account, in case of:

  • The customer has been using the payment account for illegal purposes;
  • There has been no transaction in the payment account for more than 24 consecutive months;
  • The customer has submitted incorrect information to open a payment account with basic services;
  • The consumer does not have the resident status in the Republic of Albania;
  • The customer has opened a second payment account in the Republic of Albania, which allows him to use the basic services that are offered simultaneously under this contract.