Handling the Voice of Customers

Handling Customer Voice

OTP Bank in line with the legal framework of the Republic of Albania and OTP Group spirit, since several years now has in its focus the handling of voice of customer as part of its philosophy and centric strategy.

In this regard OTP Bank is engaged to treat the voice of customer through a dedicated procedure.

The purpose of this procedure is to define and describe the steps that all actors in the bank must follow when facing a complaint, need for information or assistance (all these compound the “Voice of Customer”).

The voice of customer is treated through different processes based on the receiving method and channel.

  • The handling process of the complaints received in written form
  • The handling process of the complaints received verbally (through voice call, video call, voice SMS or face to face)
  • The handling process of the requests for information received verbally or in Written form
  • The handling process of the letter sent to state authorities or all the other parties indirectly introducing the VoC to the Bank
  • The handling process of the complaints gathered through surveys

Related to complaints:

The expression of a dissatisfaction of a client that can derive from different reasons (a misunderstanding, a feeling of injustice or simply the results of a malfunction of one of the products) should be considered as a claim / complaint and it should be treated with equal priority.

The client can express the verbal complaint through the phone or face to face with a bank employee.

The handling process of the complaints received in written form:

The client can transmit his/her complaint in these written forms:

  • E-mail
  • Post Mail
  • Letter deposited in the CFB
  • Letter deposited at CE&SM Sector / Protocol
  • Social media
  • Online consultant
  • Online Banking Communication Centre

The handling process of the complaints received verbally:

When the employee of HO faces a verbal complaint, the employee should recommend to the client the following channels:

  • Suggests to write a formal complaint addressed to the bank by filling-in the designated form
  • Suggests phone number of QSC
  • Suggests formal e-mail addresses: otp.Ankesa@otpbank.al or otp.Info@otpbank.al
  • Despite the fact that the claim can be based on facts or the perception of the client, it should be answered and treated with the same attention
  • 10 working days should be the maximum timeframe to answer a standard claim.
  • If more time is needed, then the client must be notified of the additional time needed.
  • In that case claims should be treated within 20 working days from the arrival date, regardless of their complexity.
  • All type of claims should be treated with the same level of confidentiality as any other tasks related to the clients activity.

Related to request for information / assistance:

If a bank employee is facing a request for information / assistance from a client he/she should give immediate answer to him/her.

  • The requests whose answer can be provided immediately should be solely related to general information on banking products and services of all licensed bank activities, T&C, IR.
  • NO information should be given, which is related to the client and is considered confidential.




Dear Customer,

We would like to inform you that your Complaint will be forwarded for further analysis in the relevant Department.

1. Your complaint relates to:





Shërbime(Mpay, Online Banking, SMS Banking, ATM, MoneyGram)

Services (Mpay, Online Banking, SMS Banking, ATM, MoneyGram)





Shërbimi në Degë

Branch Service



2.This situation happens:

For the first time

Për herë të parë

Repeated case

Rast i përsëritur

In order for the Bank to increase the quality of service to you, we encourage you to express any suggestions that lead to improvement:

4.Your Data:






Name, Surname:



You will be contacted by OTP Bank within 10 business days.
You can be informed in the meantime by writing to the email address:


Customer Experience Monitoring

We work every day to give our clients a more positive experience, but at the same time we must make sure that we are on the right track and that we are doing the right thing. This is the goal of Monitoring Customer Experience. The best way to monitor our customers’ experience is to collect, manage, and handle the customer voice. Our commitments in this regard are to centralize the Voice of the Client in a single unit, with creating and updating of the procedure and the tool that will help manage the Voice of the Client. All these efforts have been made so that we can analyze customer feedback and understand their needs and concerns. We have reached the average response time for a client complaint to be 3 working days, although 10 working days have been set in the procedure.