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Entrance gate to Tirana, the new branch of OTP Bank Albania is inaugurated!

Another branch of OTP Albania Bank has been opened in Tirana, in “Karl Topia” square, in “Zogu i Zi” area. This area is known as the main gateway to the capital, and the opening of the Bank branch at this point marks its strategic positioning. This network innovation adds to it by counting today 38 branches across the country.

Technology came to the rescue of the ceremony as a tradition and the branch had its official celebration for the opening of the gate in the service of customers. While present at the branch were a small group of senior management representatives invited by the General Director of OTP Albania Bank, Mr. Bledar Shella. Although with limitations, the inauguration ceremony brought the enthusiasm of the project realized on time, and the festive atmosphere was not lacking. The opening of the new and 12th branch in Tirana is in line with the Bank’s strategy for expansion and development. In his speech during the ceremony, the General Director of OTP Albania Bank Mr. Shela said that being part of the OTP Group known for its longevity and strong foundations in the banking market, gives us the confidence to face any scenario and to offer necessary security to every OTP Albania customer.

“Our medium-term plan was to increase our presence to customers and we are doing this by increasing the number of branches, but also by increasing the number of ATMs, and investments in digitalization. Our goal is to be ranked not only among the leading banks in the country, but at the same time to be a leader in service quality.

All of us, during all this time when the new conditions were immediately imposed, were on standby and worked without seeing the clock, and on any day of the week that needed to be worked on. This time proved even more; the high responsibility of all teams, and of each of you personally.

We have shown that we are a group with a high level of consciousness, and we care about others as well as ourselves and our families. Our Bank’s customer service was not interrupted for a single day. We should all be proud that during this time, we have approved 100% of the requests for installment extension according to the moratorium. ” Mr. Shela, while further emphasizing that from the excellent work of all teams in the Bank, it was achieved not only to maintain the financial performance of the business, but in some indicators have been exceeded. Among them were achieved achievements such as return on equity at the rate of 24.4% and net income for the first quarter with 46.6% more than the same period last year.

He further reconfirmed the Bank’s vision for the future: “The OTP Group believes in Albania. Despite the situation created by the pandemic and the expected economic downturn, the strategy of the OTP group has not changed. We will continue our growth and lending as before and we will be close to our customers as well as customers who will want to join our bank. The fact that today we are inaugurating a new branch, clearly shows this. This place has a lot of potential and we see it! Only with faith in the future, seeing the possibilities can we move forward! ”

OTP Bank, as a very important player in the banking industry in Central and Eastern Europe, offers a wide range of banking products and services to more than 18.5 million individual and corporate clients. It operates in 12 countries around the world through a network of 1,500 branches, its financial agents, 3,900 ATMs, internet and its electronic channels. Founded since 1949, the company has developed to be today a banking group providing universal financial services.

In recent years, OTP Bank has completed several successful acquisitions, becoming a major player in the region. In addition to Hungary, upon entering Albania, OTP Bank currently operates in 10 other countries through its subsidiaries in: Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Montenegro, Moldova, Slovenia, Russia, Slovakia.

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