OTP Bank

Creating the signage at Krorëza Bay

We are here…for Krorëza Bay, Lukovë, with this beautiful place in mind, some of the OTP Bank Albania staff decided to travel to this wonderful bay.

This is one of the many activities that will be organised voluntarily by the bank’s staff in the frame of Corporate Social Responsibility 2019. The purpose of this trip was the instalation of the signage towards this bay. The terrain was difficult but it did not stop us from going until the end and accomplish the objectiv we had set to ourselves.

Only a few people know the path that leads to this beach and the signage we installed will be a great help in the future for all those that wish to visit it. Furthermore, this will serve to the development of the tourism in the area.

However, this was not the only reason for organising this activity. Interacting with each other and the synergy that was created amongst the participants as well as the new connections we developed, were another strong reason.

The sea, mountain and the bio food were a great combination that gave us the energy to accomplish this activity successfully.