OTP Bank

Project Financing

I. Benefits

  • Typical projects funded under this structure include the production of energy, oil & gas, pipelines, airports, maritime terminals, all types of infrastructure including public services and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) schemes, all types of property developments real estate, etc.
  • Following a Project Financing structure, in the view of private investors, the aim is to minimize the risks faced by shareholders, risk management / risk sharing in the respective country, maintaining the capacity of off-balance-sheet debt, diversification, long-term financing as well as improving the risk profile.
  • These projects are very complex transactions involving a large number of stakeholders and a variety of risks. Proper structuring and funding, on the one hand, must meet the basic requirements of the project and on the other hand, it must take into account all the risks and distribute them among the parties that are most prepared to administer them.
  • OTP Bank can finance projects in a number of sectors with a particular focus on energy, infrastructure and real estate. OTP Bank staff will design services according to your specific needs and requirements. Also, we will continue to stay close to our customers throughout the project lifetime and will assist them during its execution.