OTP Bank

Blood Donation

We’re here…for life – this initiative for blood donation was taken by the employees of OTP Bank Albania. Some of the employees of our bank reacted promptly to the call for contributing in the improvement of life of hundreds of kids and people suffering from Thalassemia, as well as the patients that are in urgent need for blood transfusion.

10 minutes are more than enough to save 3 lives!

Why 10 minutes? – 10 minutes is the time span for donating a blood unit or 400 – 450 ml of blood.

Why 3 lives? – Because one blood unit that you donate can save 3 lives through the dissection of its components and products such as red cells, plasma and thrombocytes.

Blood is vital. Blood is never enough. Blood is necessary every day for immediate use. The need for blood in our country are calculated to be around 30,000 units per year, while the amount donated is 20,000 unit. Offer the gift that does not cost anything. Donate blood!