OTP Bank

Alpha Bank Albania changes name to OTP Bank Albania soon

OTP Bank Albania and Alpha Bank Albania (member of OTP Group) will continue to operate as one bank under the name OTP Bank Albania. This process is subject of approval by Regulatory Authorities, expected to be finalized within 2022.

The goal of this merger is the ambition of OTP Group to become a factor in the Albanian Banking market, by reinforcing its market presence, increase customer service by expanding the network in Branches, ATMs and POSs, as well as provide more user-friendly and up-to-date banking service to the clients’ convenience. OTP Group believes that by this merger clients of both banks will benefit from more banking solutions, and the new bank will enhance the individuals and businesses’ financial means, for a better local economy.

Clients’ relationship with the bank shall proceed as usual in regards most importantly to bank accounts, card operation, online banking, products purchased.

Customers will be continuously informed about the changes via several means of communication.

Visit the website frequently for fresh notifications. Our Contact Center is at our clients’ and visitors’ disposal to provide all answers via free line number at 0800 48 48.

We stand committed to maintain the highest banking service.